Should you buy a bidet toilet seat?

Bidets have a number of perks, from going easy on your plumbing to helping protect the environment. Everyone knows what a bidet is, but despite their prevalence throughout much of southern and western Europe, not a lot of Americans have ever really used one.

They’re usually considered a luxury item – a fixture only found in upper-end homes with big, extravagant bathrooms – but in fact, anybody can install a bidet in their very own bathroom by just swapping out their toilet seat. Bidet toilet seats are compact and easy to install, and there are a number of inexpensive models which can provide all the benefits of a bidet while taking up little to no space.

Bidet seat with remote

The most obvious reason to get a bidet toilet seat is hygiene. It’s much easier to clean oneself with water than with toilet paper alone, and people who use bidets report feeling much cleaner after using the restroom, because they are. Bidets are a much more comfortable alternative to toilet paper, which can easily irritate and chafe the skin when wiping, and are essential for people with skin sensitivities. They’re also proven effective at preventing UTI’s, and are especially popular among the elderly for this reason.

Bidets are also the more economical option, relative to toilet paper and wet wipes. Not only do these paper products cost considerably more money than tap water, they’re much more taxing on the environment, requiring enormous amounts of wood pulp and fresh water to produce.

Finally, bidets are easier on our plumbing than traditional toilet paper, and especially wet wipes, even supposedly “flushable” ones. A bidet toilet seat could greatly reduce the number of clogs in your home and save you hundreds of dollars on visits from the plumber.

Not everyone can afford to have a full bidet installed in their home, but with this compact bathroom appliance, anybody can see why homeowners the world over insists upon it.

Best Lawn Mower For Your Money

If you are looking for a lawn mower, there are some important things to consider. Do you want a gas mower which tends to have more power but is louder, an electric mower with its cord and longer extension cord to worry about, or a battery-operated version in which you may have issues with battery life and battery degrading?

If you are new to reviewing lawn mowers, the amps are the measurement of the power which you will get from your mower if they are electric, cc’s if they are gas. The measurement in inches is your cutting surface, and ideally, you’d like this to be larger, so you have to make less passes back and forth. You have to decide if mulching, bagging, and having a choice in the cutting height are important for you.

GreenWorks Corded 12 Amp 20-Inch Lawn Mower


  • Electric (corded) mower.
  • 20 inch cutting surface.
  • Options: side discharge lawn clippings, mulches into lawn, collects in rear bagging attachment.
  • 7 position cutting height adjustment.
  • Dimensions 26.9” H x 18” W to 21” W x 16.1” D. It is 18” H when handle is fully collapsed.
  • Weight 56 pounds.
  • Assembly Required: no tools needed.


  • Rust resistant.
  • 4 Year limited warranty
  • Greenworks customer service team has answered every question regarding parts or technical supply.
  • Large rear wheel makes movement easier.


  • Not self-propelled
  • Requires the purchase of an extension cord.

Bottom Line

This is a light weight entry-level electric model lawn mower that is currently on sale, with a regular price closer to the prices of the other lawn mowers in the review. This lawn mower has a larger cutting surface than the battery operated lawn mower and wins in warranty. It tops customer
service over the Poulan version. It may lack slightly with power, but it shouldn’t be noticeable for a lawn that is city sized.

Poulan Pro 961320098 PR550N21RH3 Briggs


  • Gas mower.
  • 21 inch cutting surface.
  • Options: side discharge lawn clippings, mulches into lawn, collects in rear bagging attachment.
  • 7 position cutting height adjustment.
  • Dimensions 35” H x 24.2” W to x17.8” D.
  • Weight 69 pounds.
  • Assembly Required.


  • Large rear wheel makes movement easier.
  • Lightweight gas mower.
  • Easy pull start.


  • Not self-propelled.
  • Oil cap comes dislodged if you hit anything with the mower.
  • Collection bag doesn’t fully fit and requires some adjustments.
  • Hard to get service on your warranty if needed.

The Bottom Line

There are many customer service complaints about the engine cracking or just blowing and problems getting service on warranty or getting customer service period from Poulan. They are scarce on Amazons forums and nowhere near the customer’s complaints or do they address customers who already had issues going through the proper channels. This is an entry level gas model that is best described by the manufacturer as not the model “if you’re really looking for power, you might want to move up” when answering a question about horsepower of the engine.

Ryobi 16 inch 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Push Lawn Mower


  • Battery Mower
  • 16 inch cutting surface.
  • Rust resistant
  • Options: mulches into lawn, collects in rear bagging attachment.
  • Height adjustment from inch to 2 inch.
  • Weight 40 pounds.
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Assembly Required.


  • Works with Ryobi 40 Volt lithium-ion batteries.
  • Tool-free adjustment.
  • Single-lever height adjustment.
  • Foldable handle.
  • Easy quiet start.


  • Comes without battery or charger.
  • Small cutting deck
  • A battery and charger will cost an additional $99 and $60, respectively.

The Bottom Line

While this is the quieter starting mower, it is only 16 inches of cutting area which means that every 5 passes you need to add one more than if you had a 20 inch mower. The cost of ownership becomes expensive out of the gate because you need to buy a battery and charger unless you are already invested in Ryobi products. It has a great limited warranty of 5 years.


The best of the three mowers for the money is the GreenWorks Corded 12 Amp 20-Inch Lawn Mower because it has more features, better perceived customer support, and able to do the job it is intended. You need to factor in the cost of a good exterior rated extension cord to the cost of owning the lawn mower, but for the price it beats the others.