5 Great Books on Green, Sustainable Homes & Living

The world is moving into a green phase. With so much destruction already done to the environment due to corporate growth, green homes could be the life-saver of mankind. Have you ever thought of having an eco-friendly home, but just could not land the right information? Well, here are five books that could help you make the much needed change towards a better home.

1. Musings of an Energy Nerd: Toward an Energy-Efficient Home – This book has been compiled from blog posts by an energy nerd. Martin Holladay has been running a blog that specializes in energy solutions, and this book is a compilation of some of the best posts that he wrote on “Musings of an Energy Nerd” a blog that has offered insightful means of building eco-friendly homes. The book sells for about $17 paperback. In the book, Martin Holladay talks about how green energy can be harnessed not only for environmental conservation, but also to ensure sustainability. You will also love how he demystifies some of the wide-spread beliefs about green energy. The book is succinct and
delivers on the promise of energy efficiency.

2. The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability–Designing for Abundance – Just to show you how impactful this book is, Bill Clinton did its Foreword. The book was written by two ecological homes experts, Michael Braungart and William McDonough. These two gurus wrote the book with a desire to improve the environment rather than protect it. This is a new dimension of looking at the whole environmental pollution issue, because to protect simply means to retain its current form, but to improve is to make it better. Being that most human activities are against the environment, this book offers new solutions that gears human activities at improving the environment. This book is the follow-up to another thought-provoking book on recycling by the same authors titled cradle to cradle.

3. Toward a Zero Energy Home: A Complete Guide to Energy Self-Sufficiency at Home This book is one of the most effective guides to green home and living. Unlike most books that talks about large scale involvement in energy conservation, this book teaches you how you can make smart energy choices at home irrespective of the size of your living space. It teaches a lot about renewable energy use at home and also properly choosing the right energy efficient air conditioner.

4. TheGreened HouseEffect: Renovating YourHome with a DeepEnergy Retrofit – This book authored by Jeff Wilson talks about ways to make current homes energy efficient. In this book you will learn about deepenergy retrofit. He explains why the idea of doing complete home makeovers for the sake of energy will not be sustainable in the near future. He proceeds to show some of the few tweaks you can make to make your home energy efficient. His idea makes economic sense.

5. The Homeowner’s Energy Handbook: Your Guide to Getting off the Grid – Everyone dreams of relying on their own energy sources and getting off the grid. In this book, Paul Scheckel offers you many ways to turn your home into a bubbling haven of energy that will cut your costs and save your immediate environment. This book also, gives you ways to monitor the processes around your home so that you spend less energy from the grid if you can’t unplug entirely.